The Most Convincing Younger Stars Playing Older Stars on Film

Check out these seriously impressive movie doppelgangers.

The most incredible thing in The Age of Adaline isn’t that the plot revolves around a gorgeous, young woman (played by Blake Lively) who gets stuck at the age of 29 for eternity due to some otherworldly phenomenon, but some seriously impressive casting. Namely, that of the talented Anthony Ingruber (Avalon High) playing the younger version of Harrison Ford because… OMG, does this kid look like Harrison Ford or what?!

Ingruber is so impressive at capturing early-day Ford (voice, mannerisms, and all) in the drama, you’ll think it was some sort of CGI wizardry at play. Nope, just damn good casting when it came to the relative newcomer. And good genes, for that matter.

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