Kim Kardashian Worried North West Won’t Recognize Her

Kim Kardashian may be back from Paris but she’s worried baby North won’t recognize her. Maybe it’s due to her post-pregnancy transformation? Not quite. Rob Shuter tells The Gossip Table the new mother rushed home from the airport to see her daughter. But it seems all the fears were unnecessary. Three or four days away from Kim didn’t result in a sudden change in mood for North.

Speaking of royalty, Prince William had some interesting pickup lines.  

While Prince William is happily married to Kate Middleton and is the proud father of baby George, he apparently had some creative ways to talk to the ladies back in his single days. Noah Levy reports the Prince would walk up to girls and say, “Come home with me and I’ll make you a queen.” It’s so simple but clearly William didn’t just go with the obvious, “Hey girl, I’m your prince.”

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