Runner, Runner: Further Proof That Moviegoers Don’t Like A Tan Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s gambling thriller Runner, Runner failed to impress critics or moviegoers over the weekend. With a $7.6 million gross, the film landed in third place on the weekend box office list–a hefty $48 million behind top spot holder, Gravity. Waking up to disappointing returns is not something the two-time Oscar winner hasn’t experienced before. Despite praise for his acting, screenwriting, and directing, Affleck has been partial to more than one bad decision over the years–more or less any time his character is required to get a spray tan. (Does a little gem called Gigli ring a bell?)

To further explore Affleck’s lowest of lows, we dug up his most disappointing box office performances that were also panned by critics, all of which seem like even more quizzical choices if you’ve watched Argo, Good Will Hunting, or The Town over the last few months. Check out the list below, which proves moviegoers have a short memory when it comes to Oscar winners.

5. Jersey Girl (2004)

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