Kris And Bruce Jenner Announce Separation

It’s over for the Jenners. Kris and Bruce finally confirmed their separation, which happened nearly one year ago. While there’s going to be lots of talk about who gets what, The Gossip Table is mainly concern who is getting custody of their reality show. Of course, everything has been documented on the show.

Lady Gaga’s new album cover has prompted comparisons to Miley Cyrus. Being naked on a wrecking ball is now par for the course. But according to Gaga, the singer is making art, Cyrus is not.

Speaking of Cyrus, Chloe Melas has all the dish on her album release party. The singer was late to own her own party, forcing fans to wait outside until nearly 3 a.m. The party sounded like something out of Stefon’s world: little people from California, dancing bears, inflatable toys, hundreds of freezing fans and everything the singer loves. We can only speculate the password to get in was Bangerz.

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