Was The Jenner Separation Staged?

On day two of the Jenner separation everyone is already asking if the whole thing was staged. Rob Shuter tells The Gossip Table that Kris Jenner may be manipulating the media to put her front and center of Keeping Up The Kardashians. With Kim taking a step back from the series, Jenner is moving in.

Meanwhile, Jenner is already plotting her daughter Khloe’s next move. Jenner is trying to get her together with Drake. Talk about moving on up!

Since Miley Cyrus’ split from Liam Hemsworth, she’s been spotted with rapper, Mike Will made it. Marianne reports that the singer was recently spotted kissing the rapper (and producer of her new album, Bangerz) at a party. After months of speculation, it looks like the rumors about the two are true.

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