Miley Cyrus Planning To Shock Again At The AMAs

Miley Cyrus surprised everyone with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Now, she’s planning to up her game at the American Music Awards. Sources are telling the show that the singer is bringing her A-game following the news that she landed on top of the Billboard 200. But what can she even do to shock The Gossip Table?

Meanwhile, things are getting shady in Hollywood.

With Charlie Hunnam out of Fifty Shades Of Grey, everyone is buzzing about who will take on the role with Christian Grey. Chloe Melas has all the dish on the rumors about Hunnam’s replacement. Robert Pattison is everyone’s top choice, especially considering EL James wrote the part for the actor. And he’s not ruling it out either. Of course, there are still some that want Matt Bomer. It’s anyone guess at this point.

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[Photo: Getty]