Is The View Giving Jenny McCarthy The Boot?

Over the summer, The View went on a hunt to replace its departing hosts. One of those finds included Jenny McCarthy. Rumors have it that her outrageous comments were turning fans off. Delaina Dixon tells The Gossip Table that none of the rumors are true. Ratings for the show are great and they are happy with their new addition.

But wait, there’s another Lohan update!

Not only is Lindsay Lohan getting advice from Oprah’s army of experts but she’s also getting advice from her mother. Rob Shuter reports that Dina Lohan is working on a book about dating. Lindsay better think twice about reading her mother’s new bible.

Speaking of mothers giving questionable advice. Miley Cyrus’ mother Tish is the one behind the singers sexy getups. She reportedly encouraged Cyrus to wear the pasties and other outfits fans have seen the past few months.

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