Does Chris Brown Diss Rihanna On New Single?

Not knowing when to stop, Chris Brown is dissing an unnamed woman in the music industry on DJ Khaled’s new single, “I’m Still.” Delaina Dixon tells The Gossip Table Rihanna may be the target of Brown’s latest diss track. The singer claims he is over Rihanna and his other ex-girlfriend, but it’s clear that the things are not the case. Whether or not it’s about her remains to be seen.

Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a smell of her own poo in the form of an unflattering Vanity Fair story. Marianne Garvey reports the actress tried to intervene on the story when she found out the magazine was reaching out to her friends and family. Paltrow told them not to speak to Vanity Fair, which led to the magazine moving forward with the story anyway.

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