Diablo Cody: On Life In The Public Eye And “Feeling Sorry” For Miley Cyrus

Diablo Cody’s new film Paradise opens in theaters today, and it tells the story of a sheltered, religious young woman named Lamb (expertly played b y Julianne Hough) who survives a plane crash and decides that not only does God not exist, but she must shed her naivety in the most morally corrupt place on earth: Las Vegas. Of course she finds friends, adventure and a tattoo parlor along the way, all while exploring what it means to reinvent oneself through sex, drugs, booze and a little bit of porn. It’s an all to familiar tale that played out recently in the public eye, when Miley Cyrus dumped her kid star persona for…you know.

We asked Diablo what she thought of people who go through a transformation like Lamb’s, but in the public eye. Check out her answer – and her thoughts on Miley’s very public twerk-formation above.

Then watch our entire interview below! Paradise is available now On Demand and iTunes and in theaters Oct 18th.