Lindsay Lohan Spotted Partying, With A Bottle Of Wine

Earlier this week, The Gossip Table expressed its concerns over Lindsay Lohan’s recovery after it was reported she was partying late into the night with friends at a karaoke club. She was spotted at several bars and nightclubs the past few nights. And most recently, the actress was snapped reaching for a bottle of wine.

While people speculate if Lohan has fallen off the wagon, her father Michael is standing by her side. He tells the show:

It’s absolutely ridiculous they would insinuate that she’s drinking … She doesn’t even like wine.

Even though Bethenny Frankel continues to put in a good effort with her new talk show, there’s one thing she’s not: Oprah Winfrey. Like Kris Jenner, Frankel’s show is suffering from poor ratings. And now she’s working up her backup plan. Is a return to Real Housewives in order?

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