Lady Gaga And Kelly Osbourne Reignite Twitter Feud

It seems as though Lady Gaga has made Twitter her new warzone. After arguing with Perez Hilton, the singer has found herself in a new battle with an old nemesis, Kelly Osbourne. Thank goodness it’s not with The Gossip Table.

The two got into a war of the tweets after Gaga posed for a photo with Sharon Osbourne and a birthday cake. Osbourne felt slighted by the online message and retaliated by calling Gaga a hypocrite (on Instagram).

While the two queens fight over who eats cake, Miley Cyrus may need to start fighting off the cameras. The underage singer was spotted partying at one of New York’s most exclusive clubs, 1 Oak. Cyrus was there with her friends, including Magic Johnson’s son E.J. and Andrew Warren, who posted a photo of her with a drink to Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan was also spotted at the club, running over to Cyrus’ table where the two chatted all night before leaving out the back door.

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