Anne Hathaway Demands That Fans Not Talk To Her

Anne Hathaway has been feeling the backlash ever since she made her way to the Oscar stage to accept her trophy. Now, there may be new reason for fans to roll the eyes at the actress. Following the Pink Party for cancer research, an event Hathaway hosted, an email obtained by In Touch supposedly contained her diva-like demands.

It reads:


Do not take photos of ask for an autograph from anne hathaway. Her team is starting to getting really concerned today. Please make sure none of you or your guests approach her. I know in the past our hosts have mingled in the party, but each person is different and We are trying to respect her space.

No bloggers!!!!! Please!!!! cannot talk to her, nothing please. (forward team please help me!) Most of our celebs are happy to talk and share why cancer research is important to them so there will be other opportunities at the event.

I will truly need all of your help!!!

If you are sitting next to her in the front row, please make sure no one goes into to lounge 🙂

Hathahaters to the left.

Last week, The Gossip Table reported that Bethenny Frankel’s talk show was in trouble, which had the host searching for a plan B. However, she’s not quite ready to give up on her show just yet. Frankel has reportedly resorted to paying celebs, more recently Omarosa, to attend her show. The reality villain was reportedly paid $10,000. That sounds like a bad investment.

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