Camille Grammer Reveals She Has Cancer

Earlier this week, Camille Grammer revealed that she was the subject of domestic abuse. “Camille did not want to go public with this but felt it was the right thing to do,” a source tells The Gossip Table. “It was a really tough decision but she wanted to get her story out and help others in a similar situation.”

Now, it’s been revealed that Grammer has cancer. The actress “underwent a radical hysterectomy” last week, a rep tells Us Weekly. “The surgery went very well and she is expected to make a complete recovery following a significant recuperation period.”

What’s up with Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian? Move over Kim, The Gossip Table has a marriage update and it’s not about you! Even though the couple was recently seen canoodling at a Kanye West concert, Odom was out flirting with tons of women this week. In the wake of the news, Kardashian turned to Buddha for solice.

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