Morning Gossip: Justin Bieber Visits A Brothel, Takes 2 Women Home

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber was spotted leaving a brothel in Brazil with a sheet over his head. The singer and a friend reportedly spent three hours in the popular brothel, Centauros, before sneaking out with two women. Even though he was covered in a sheet, Bieber was identified by his wrist tattoos. It should be noted, prostitution is legal in the country but running a brothel is not. Hey, when in Rio.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Lindsay Lohan cozied up to boxer Floyd Mayweather at a Halloween party. The actress, who was dressed up as Carrie, spent the entire evening with the boxer at a casino in Connecticut. Oh, what a night.

Finally for The Gossip Table, photos of Miley Cyrus partying with Benji Madden surfaced over the weekend. What’s most shocking is that 20-year-old singer was seen holding an open liquor bottle. Reports also revealed that the singer was making out with Madden during the party. There must have been something magic in the bottle or just a lot of booze.

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[Photo: Getty]