Did Robin Thicke And Britney Spears Hook Up?

Do troubled young pop stars have a thing for Robin Thicke? It was only a few months ago when Miley Cyrus twerked all over the singer during the MTV VMAs and now, rumors are circulating that Thicke may have hooked up with Britney Spears. The singer, who’s about to launch her Las Vegas residency, reportedly had a quick fling with the JT-like performer before he was married to Paula Patton.

On the first day of Alec Baldwin’s trial against his alleged stalker, actress Genevieve Sabourin, the actor cried on the stand. Baldwin became teary-eyed when testifying about Sabourin, who he claimed was Scarface producer Martin Bregman’s longtime mistress. Bregman accused Baldwin of sleeping with her. If anyone was moved by all the drama, it was The Gossip Table.

Apparently Kerry Washington was unlucky in the photoshop department. After Lucky magazine revealed its cover featuring the Scandal star, Hollywood and fans were aghast over her appearance. The Cut breaks down all the problems with the cover:

First, there’s the awkward slouching pose, popularized by starlets trying to make their arms look skinnier on the red carpet (Kerry, you are so much better than that). Then there’s the mysterious light source. She appears to be lit from below and slightly to the right, giving her face odd shadows and creating a flattened, blown-out look. The overzealous undereye concealer doesn’t help matters. And as for her hair — wind machines are great, but looking like a helicopter is about to land on your head is not.

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