Amanda Bynes’ Uglies To Kanye’s Rants: Who Had The Most Regrettable Tweet Of 2013?

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How long has social media been around now? To be honest, it’s sad to see how many celebrities have caught on that spewing their every thought instantly is a bit unwise. But for all those buttoned-up, publicist-heeding spoilsports, we still have the likes of Kanye West, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. As we wrap up the best of 2013 this month, we had a good ole time reminiscing about their awesomely unfiltered moments this year. And they weren’t alone.

Alec Baldwin quit Twitter at one point, following a homophobic rant against a reporter. And Chris Brown was, well, Chris Brown. Shia LaBeouf and Donald Glover got in on the TMI act, and actress Shiri Appleby got onboard the nude selfie trend, maybe accidentally on purpose. Nick Cannon made us wonder about his parenting choices, and Kelly Osbourne shot down a peace offering. A couple of organizations snuck onto our list — The Onion and the Republican National Committee — if you don’t recall why, just click on the gallery above and try not to slap your computer across the face. Some of these folks have already told us how sorry they are to have shared such sentiments. Others, well, maybe with time they’ll come to hang their head in shame too.