Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton Feuding After Barron Hilton’s Attack

She may have made up with Kim Kardashian, but now Lindsay Lohan is feuding with former bestie Paris Hilton. Hilton is pointing fingers at Lohan after little brother Barron Hilton was beat up over the weekend.

B. Hilton and Lohan were both at the same house when one of Lohan’s friends, Ray Lomoine, allegedly punched Paris’ little brother. Barron says that Lomoine was ordered to by Lohan and that he is now trying to flee the country.

“No one f— with my family and gets away with it,” Paris posted to Instagram. It looks like this is one feud that’s about to get real serious.

Lohan isn’t the only one who spent the weekend fighting. Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner are both clamoring for Harry Styles’ attention. However, the singer has made his preference clear, opting to hang out with Jenner over Swift. Even though Swift should have been happy about all her Grammy nominations, she was distracted by the two going out on a date.

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[Photo: Getty]