POLL: Rear Of The Year Round 2! Lady Gaga And Rihanna’s Epic Butt Battle

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The first round of the 2013 Butt Primaries has come and gone, and the front-runners are clear. Now it’s time to take the next step in derriere democracy! It’s time to cast your vote for the prestigious Rear of the Year title…

Lady Gaga butt kicked proverbial (and literal, we guess) ass in the first round, snatching up an incredible 58% percent of the vote. But it’s definitely NOT too late for any other hiney hopefuls to make a play for the Rear of the Year crown. Come on Miley’s Smilers, Bieber’s Beliebers, Rihanna’s Navy and Kim Kardashian’s…family. There can be only one.

Head up to the gallery above, weigh your options carefully, and then cast your vote in the poll below! Next Tuesday we’ll be back to reveal which four are going on proceeding on to the final series of rounds, and which four got knocked on their…well, you know. Come on folks, get out there and vote!

[Photo: Interscope/Twitter/Terry’s Diary]

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