Oops! We Fell Down The Tila Tequila Weird, Offensive Rabbit Hole So You Don’t Have To

Tila Tequila has done it again: Reeled us in with her highly original antics to renew her inexplicable fame. This time, it’s with a one-two punch: First she called Paul Walkers death a “ritualistic killing” on Facebook, and then she posted a photo of herself in Nazi regalia standing on top of Auschwitz, claiming Hitler was just misunderstood. This prompted us to see what other crazy things have been going on in the mind of the onetime MySpace sensation turned MTV reality star, since last we heard from her (an Illuminati rant she wrote, post suicide attempt/aneurysm, ). It turns out, Hitler was the tip of the iceberg.

Here, in order to spare your sanity (we’re hanging on by a thread now), we’ve gathered the most mind-blowing highlights of Tila Tequila’s AnonymousTruthBlog.com. These are all the things she believes now:

  • Starting with the most offensive, and we won’t even link to the post here because it features images of the World Trade Center being bombed by stars of David, she’s onboard with the whole Jews arranged 9/11 conspiracy theory. Actually the latest post on this is by “Doctor Rice,” who is described as a 16-year-old Palestinian girl. Featured quote: “From knowing the truth to 9/11 can lead us to know other important truths, ranging from WW2 and the existence of magic. What is funny is people are willing to accept there might be more to reality than what is presented to them, but never with magic. It is sad that many won’t accept this last red pill, especially if you are a member of the Abrahamic tradition.”
  • Oh, yeah, Hitler wasn’t that bad. It’s just ’cause he lost the war that everyone rewrote history. Featured quote: “Hitler never wanted a worldwide genocide. That is the biggest lie ever nor did he want the genocide of all the jewish people. All he wanted was to be able to feed his people from the depression, defend his country from being attacked unfairly, and they claimed the war and harassed him and his people first.”
  • Facebook is an Illuminati spy network. She started this blog when the network suspended her for a month back in July. She’s back on Facebook, but the blog is where she does her best work.
  • The Middle East is always in trouble because its a portal for aliens. Best quote: “What you are not being told is that there is a HUGE VORTEX OF ENERGY PORTALS that is located in the Middle East, and areas surrounding it because this ongoing spiritual war dates all the way back to pre-biblical times when the Middle East was still known as Mesopotamia. Ah yes! Ancient Babylonian times. If you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It’s a huge portal-with a radius of a thousand miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the ’Reptilians’ use.”
  • The world might be ending soon, but we might not notice. Tila’s theory, which is largely based on visions she’s had since fourth grade: “Billions of people will ’DIE’ however, here’s the catch…. none of us knows that we actually died, and to us… it will just seem like another ’HOAX’ gone by and then we just go back to living our lives… except the only subtle thing that has changed is the fact that the world around us seems so much more peaceful.”
  • Tila’s soul is from Sirius.


  • We are about to experience a great change because of the suns magnetic rays flipping (to be fair, according to NASA, that is a thing). Best quote: “Now there is a reason behind all of these intense emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical changes you are all currently experiencing whether you realize it or not. Aside from the reasons being due to the masses starting to ’wake up’ to this ’GOLDEN AGE OF TRUTH,’ another reason behind it is because the Sun’s Magnetic Rays are flipping over.”
  • “The CIA are also the ones who discovered ’The Matrix’ which was then later turned into the widely popular movie.”
  • “Alyssa Milano is an Official Syrian War Whore” (Based on the fake sex video she did for Funny or Die!)
  • Our religions are actually a hoax by aliens. “Long story short they basically defiled us in every way possible, mentally, spiritually, physically, blocking our Third Eye, poisoning us, etc everything so that we remain in this constant state of confusion, anger, manipulation, and abuse for thousands of years.”
  • Tila is an angel. Key quote: “I am one of God’s Angels.. but I think some people know this, but others think badly of me and just talk down on me when I am only here to help. People have this sense of inferiority complex. If that is the case then why do they claim to believe in God in the first place? As humans… we are all different. Made of different DNA and Angels are on a whole other realm of being different. As a matter of fact, we don’t even live in the same dimension. I sometimes come visit the 3D world,but I reside mostly in 5D but can travel all the way up to 12D where the Gods reside.” This post also contains a very important compilation of quotes from Lost’s Jack and Locke.
  • Celebrities are robots. “As a matter of fact there are already some ’Celebs’ in Hollywood now that are just replicas of their former selves and I’m not talking clones I am talking straight up advanced Robotoids.”
  • Nelson Mandela was a Zionist who wanted to kill all white men.
  • Tila can speak in tongues and also give you orgasms with her meditation music.

Aren’t you happy we spared you?

[Photos: Splash News Online,
Facebook, AnonymousTruthBlog.com]