New Details Emerge In Lindsay Lohan, Barron Hilton Fight

The saga of Lindsay Lohan and Barron Hilton keeps growing as new details from the weekend’s fight continue to emerge. A new eyewitness claims that Lohan calls her father Michael to get her out of the house while the scuffle is going on. She was worried about drugs being in the house and didn’t want to be associated with everything going on.

Her father tells The Gossip Table that the Hilton family needs to leave Lindsay alone!

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has been hanging out with known Lohan enemy, Brandon Davis, the man who dubbed her “fire crotch.” The two were spotted in Los Angeles at a Jay Z concert. Oh the drama!

Another reality star embroiled in her own drama is Kourtney Kardashian. The reality star is headed to court after a male model came forward claiming he’s the biological father of her 4-year-old son, Mason. The Gossip Table knows that the courtroom is the legal way to deal with the issue, but The Maury Povich Show will settle that claim in less than an hour.

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[Photo: Getty]