Jennifer Lawrence Is Our BFF, And Her American Hustle Co-Stars Aren’t Even Gonna Argue

We’re wrapping up year three of our intense friendship with Jennifer Lawrence, and she doesn’t even know it. In the past 12 months, she’s racked up all the awards and Hunger Games: Catching Fire box office dollars every movie star dreams of, and her crazy good turn in American Hustle (in select theaters today, everywhere December 20) is just going to keep those kudos coming. But the SAG and Golden Globe nods are not what we’re really talking about here. It was in her many interviews, acceptance speeches and red carpet moments that Jen (she let’s us call her that, in our head) really convinced us that she’s the BFF we always wanted — always ready with a fart joke or a self-deprecating comment to brighten our day. We feel like we’ve been in those green rooms doing shots with her, hanging out at her place eating Cheetos, and whispering in her ear when our middle school celebrity crushes walk in the room. Is it healthy to think this way? Jen’s American Hustle co-stars and director David O. Russell were no help at all in dissuading us from our illusions. Watch them refuse to trash talk her above, and then reminisce with us about all the ways she made us think she’s one of us.

Let’s do this in chronological order:

1. Jennifer Lawrence kicked off January 2013 with a Vanity Fair interview in which she brushed off the idea that she deserves all the praise we heap on her. “There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.” Good point, but we can’t help ourselves!

2. In EW, she said her Catching Fire co-stars were obsessed with a thing she used to do with her brothers at home: “You cup [your fart] and then you throw it in someone’s face and say ’Take a bite out of that cheeseburger.'” Delicious!

3. Jen won the Golden Globe, and started off her acceptance speech with an easily misunderstood First Wives Club reference: “What does it say, ’I beat Meryl’?” Also, she had a fever caused by walking pneumonia at the time. She’s such a trooper.

4. Still battling pneumonia, Jen attended and won at the SAG Awards. Her dress got caught on something and started to come apart as she walked to the stage, but she shrugged off the stumble and still gave a good speech, crediting a commercial she did for My Super Sweet 16 with getting her SAG card. You gotta stay true to your roots!

5. After the SAGs, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer stood next to her proud parents and then made fun of her mom for crying.

6. On Conan, Jennifer told us all about the time she stalked John Stamos and stared at his ass at a party. She also claimed to hate leaving her house because she’d rather not have to change her pants and put on a bra. We’ll happily just party at your place!

7. Jen’s habit of doing shots before talk-show appearances meant she talked to Jimmy Kimmel about her new worry after seeing her chest x-ray: Her boobs are uneven!

8. If we were ever to wear a fancy ball gown to an awards show, and then have to walk up onto a stage in it, you can bet we’d fall flat on our face, just like our BFF did at the Oscars. Backstage she joked that she did it on purpose, and when asked what went through her mind as she fell, she said, “A bad word that I can’t say. It starts with F.”

9. After all the craziness of awards season, Jen headed back to Hawaii to finish making Catching Fire. That’s where someone snapped a photo of her lighting up a hand-rolled “cigarette.” Jesus, wouldn’t you need a little something to take the edge off after months in the spotlight?

10. Jen was back in fine form at the Met Gala in May, winning our unofficial award for Best Photo Bomb.

11. Jennifer has been outspoken about Hollywood’s ridiculous body standards, but her quote to Harper’s Bazaar UK is exactly what goes through our minds: “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ’diet,’ I’m like, ’You can go f— yourself.”

12. At Comic-Con, Jen embraced the fanaticism in the air and “video-bombed” an interview with Jeff Bridges, incoherently gushing to the actor on camera.

13. Her explanation of why she chopped off her hair is both logical and completely unbelievable: “It just couldn’t get any uglier.” And yet look at how gorgeous she is.

14. Again, she lashed out at the name-calling that goes on in Hollywood, particularly calling out Fashion Police during her chat with Yahoo: “They put values in all the things that are wrong and [show] that it’s OK to just point at people and call them ugly and call them fat and they call it fun. … Screw those people. You look how you look. What are you going to do, be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

15. Jennifer comforted a crying fan at one of the Catching Fire premieres. She’s not all crass jokes and humility, people!

16. She opted for full disclosure about why she wound up in the hospital on the day of the L.A. Catching Fire premiere, telling David Letterman, “I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks. And you know you can only s–t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you’re like ’I need to go to the hospital.'”

17. This is how Jen greets us ALL THE TIME.

18. Through all this media blitz, she’s found time to reunite with boyfriend Nick Hoult, which makes us unbelievably happy for her. Girl needs to have a personal life, too, and that man is too cute to stay away from!

19. She’s ready to step away from the limelight for a minute after this latest round of promotion and awards season. “I’ve built my career. I need to build my human life. I need to get a house and connect to the people around me and not work for a little while,” Jen told USA Today.

20. Her inspiration for this latest, award-worthy role of Long Island housewife Rosalyn in American Hustle? It just might be the Real Housewives of New Jersey. “I can’t tell where [the accent] came from because I just kind of started speaking in it, and I’ve been watching a lot of reality TV shows and those reality TV shows have a lot of New Jersey women, so I can’t say that it’s not from them,” she told MTV.

We knew that already, because we’re her best friends and we watch it together all the time.

[Photos: Vanity Fair, Getty Images, Splash News Online]