Last Lap: Which Big Star Used To Have Beef With Mark Wahlberg?

Is Jon Hamm’s much-discussed blessing actually a curse? Saturday Night Live responds to recent criticism, and movie reviews get their Hustle on.

  • Just because Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio played pals in The Basketball Diaries doesn’t mean they were always friends. The Boston native admits that he once gave Leo the cold shoulder at an event, and there was a bit of a rift between them back then. But thankfully for us, they managed to squash it. [Just Jared]
  • With Jon Hamm having just been snubbed for a Golden Globe nomination, The Gossip Table wonders if the actor’s crotch shots may have anything to do with the lack of recognition.
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  • Saturday Night Live is set to add an African-American women to its cast next year. Lorne Michaels made the announcement, following criticism that the sketch comedy series wasn’t adding enough diversity to the lineup. [Us Magazine]
  • We all love Jennifer Lawrence, but are critics smitten with her new film, American Hustle? [MTV News]

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