Another Disney Star’s Nude Photos Leak

Former child star Dylan Sprouse is the latest Disney actor to have his naked selfies leaked to the internet. Much like Vanessa Hudgens, the photos were not meant for the public. However, the biggest surprise was how quickly Sprouse acknowledged it.

“Whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore,” Sprouse tweeted. His twin brother even got in on the joke following up with a tweet of his own: ““@DylanSprouse: Cold in the bathroom huh?”

One thing is for sure, leaked images are the quickest way to erase that squeaky clean image.

Just what will Lindsay Lohan do for a paycheck? Sell out for one. The actress is revisiting her singing days by appearing at an app launch party where she’ll reportedly sing the blues.

But in more respectable paycheck news: The actress is reportedly shopping around a new memoir that will spill all the details about life in rehab, her parents and more. The book is said to be based on journal entries, which were written during therapeutic exercises while in rehab.

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[Photo: Getty]