Blow-Up Dolls, Scissorhands And Pillows: 10 Unlikely Love Interests From Film And TV

  • Workaholics

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  • Archer

    [Photo Credit: FX]

  • The Wizard of Oz

    [Photo Credit: MGM]

  • Edward Scissorhands

    [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox]

  • Harvey, Jimmy Stewart

    [Photo Credit: Universal International]

  • Mannequin: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall

    [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox]

  • Lars and the Real Girl: Ryan Gosling

    [Photo Credit: MGM]

  • 30 Rock: James Franco

    [Photo Credit: NBC]

  • Cast Away: Tom Hanks

    [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox]

  • Wet Hot American Summer: Chris Meloni

    [Photo Credit: USA Films]

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to see Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with a mysterious “operating system,” voiced by the silky notes of Scarlett Johansson! We all bring technology to bed with us each night, so referring to your iPhone/tablet/laptop as a significant other is only the next logical step towards living like the Jetsons. Her, Spike Jonze’s story of an unlikely relationship between a man and his machine, hits theaters today, promising gorgeous, sun-soaked shots and lots of Joaquin smiles.

While coming of age films and repetitive rom coms often focus on the female ugly ducking who ultimately wins the heart of her prince charming, Jonze is not the first to experiment with love for an inanimate object. Ryan Gosling scared his modest Midwestern family when he brought Bianca, a blow-up doll, home for a visit, in Lars and the Real Girl. And the love Tom Hanks felt for Wilson, his volleyball, is largely responsible for finally getting him off that damn island in Cast Away. As technology continues to surprise us, and our worlds become more and more immersed in all things digital, you can’t blame three horny post-grads for falling head over heals for a woman they’ve only met via web cam. Besides, the romantic outings Workaholics bros Adam, Blake and Ders each plan for her prove argue it might not just be about sex (…but it probably is). To prepare you for the emotional catharsis Jonze and Phoenix will likely unleash during the film, here are 10 additional fictional characters who know what it’s like to fall for someone–or something— entirely unique.

[Photo Credit: MGM, 20th Century Fox, NBC]