Even At 50, There’s Nothing ‘Inglorious’ About Brad Pitt’s Hairvolution

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Is there anything more perfect than Brad Pitt? He’s got the perfect wife, perfect career, perfect kids, perfect smile, perfect muscular physique and … let’s stop there, because while we could go on all day, we’re pretty sure none of you need convincing. Even his fashion missteps are perfect, in their own special way! It’s true. We can’t entirely fault Brad for those long bleached blonde locks (it was the ’90s) or even the Kate Gosselin-styled ’do (also ’90s!). And no one else could rock a scraggly, dreaded beard more grandly than Pitt. Also, most of his, shall we say, less-than-ideal stylings were for a role, or for saving New Orleans, or something.

Today, we wish Brad Pitt a happy 50th birthday. No matter with whom or where he celebrates —Mars 2112, anyone?—we have zero doubts that nary a hair of his will be out of place.

[Photos: Getty Images]