Kim Kardashian And Lea Michele Take First Butt Selfies Of 2014 And More Of What You Missed On Instagram

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  • Jen Selter

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Now that the confetti has fallen and midnight spit has been swapped, it’s time to get serious about those new year’s resolutions. Kim Kardashian and Lea Michele are both putting fitness first in 2014 by leading with their behinds. If you thought the “butt selfie” was merely a 2013 trend, today’s your lucky day.

Nicki Minaj may currently own the “Rear of the Year” title, but this year’s race is wide open thanks to some gratuitous shots from Kim K. and the Glee star. And with overnight Instagram celebrity Jen Selter showing us how to get the booty right and tight on a regular basis, soon you’ll be able to perfect the gratuitous shot that’s sweeping the nation.

Just as celebrities are not immune to wanting to better themselves in the new year, they’re also prone to reconnecting with their exes (“backsliding,” if you will). Justin Bieber is either feeling nostalgic about the past, or totally hanging out with former girlfriend Selena Gomez while she takes a break from touring to focus on herself. (Gasp! What will Taylor Swift say?) And after the disappointing box office numbers for the Believe movie, we can understand he’d want a familiar shoulder to cry on. For other romantics not named Kaley Cuoco, the first weekend of 2014 was the perfect time to take the next step, as seen by Alexa Vega and Big Time Rush star Carlos Pena, Jr.’s Mexican wedding. Pals Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza also went South of the border, but the latter seemed less than thrilled to be soaking up all that sun.

If you too afraid of frostbite to chance peeking your head out from underneath all those blankets this weekend, catch up with what you may have missed on Instagram in our gallery above.

[Photo Credit: @kimkardashian, @justinbieber, @msleamichele]