David O. Russell Isn’t The Only Celeb To Make A Terrible Slavery Analogy

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“I’m going to get in so much trouble for saying that.” Truer words were never spoken. That was David O. Russell after complaining to the a New York Daily News correspondent that Jennifer Lawrence’s time commitment to the Hunger Games franchise “talk about 12 years of slavery, that’s what the franchise is.” Since the quote circulated today, the American Hustle director has issued a statement of apology. But not before we decided to look back into recent history to see who else has been ill-advised in their references to our country’s worst sin.

“Clearly, I used a stupid analogy in a poor attempt at humor,” Russell’s statement said. “I realized it the minute I said it and I’m truly sorry.”

We bet that Sarah Palin, Lauryn Hill, Adrian Peterson, Wendy Williams and Nia Long also regret comparing lesser plights to slavery — if only because of the public outcry immediately after their quotes came out. The metaphor — which is in close competition with the Holocaust for terrible comparisons — sure does have a headline-making impact. How about we retire both of these and reach into our old history books for some more apt descriptions.

“Talk about the Stamp Act of 1765” has a great ring to it!