Beautiful Creatures? Most Boneable Frankenstein Monsters Of All Time

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Aaron Eckhart is battling the box office this weekend as a demon-killing version of Frankenstein’s Creature in I, Frankenstein. The film (one of our most anticipated movies of 2014) looks to be a massive rewrite of Mary Shelley’s terrifying philosophical masterpiece. Not just because, you know, Frankenstein’s Creature is calling himself Frankenstein and battling gargoyles, but also because he’s freaking hot. Which led us to wonder, is Frankenstein’s Creature sexy? So, we went back through time and dredged up the hottest Frankensteins for your consideration.

When James Whale cast Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Creature in his 1931 film, Frankenstein, he didn’t know that he was about to bring life to one of the most iconic movie monsters in history. The public’s association with the tall, green skinned, flat-topped Creature wasn’t really challenged until the 1990s, when Kenneth Branagh cast Robert De Niro to portray a Creature closer to the one Shelley imagined. Neither version is particularly handsome, but both have a sort of humanity in their eyes that suggests a heart, and hey, a heart suggests the possibility of romance.

Later, and more strident, adaptations of Frankenstein are dolling the Creature up. Once Upon A Time’s take on the monster looks like a zombie Disney prince and Aaron Eckhart’s version in I, Frankenstein looks like he was created in a gym instead of a gymnasium. Then, there are the female Frankensteins, who are invariably beautiful to look at, if not also possessed by a vengeful spirit.

It seems to be that the hotter a Creature is, the farther the adaptation is from Mary Shelley’s source material. But hey, if you’re going to mess with Frankenstein, you might as well give us a boneable Frankenstein.

I, Frankenstein opens in theaters nationwide Friday, January 24.

[Photo Credit: Lionsgate, The National Theatre, Universal Pictures]