Super Bowl Superfans, Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman And More Of What You Missed On Instagram

  • Macklemore Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks

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  • Super Bowl Scandal

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  • Miley Cyrus

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  • Aaron Paul Philip Seymour Hoffman

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  • Aziz Ansari Philip Seymour Hoffman

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The shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman continues to shake the entertainment community. Celebrities have been reacting to the loss since news of Hoffman’s death broke on Sunday afternoon, and famous fans like Aaron Paul and Aziz Ansari continue to share thoughts on Instagram. Across the river, Super Bowl XLVIII was less entertaining than some might have hoped, but that didn’t stop Seahawk supporters like Macklemore and Chrissy Teigen from gushing about their hometown.

The big game and its respective pre-game parties were the places to be this weekend, and stars like Michael B. Jordan and Diddy showed off their personalized souvenirs–making us a bit jealous we had to watch it all from our living rooms. Our VH1 Super Bowl Blitz took over New York City in a big way, with hosts Stacy Keibler and Nick Cannon traveling across all five boroughs to get fans pumped up with new live shows every single night. Did you miss out on the fun? Check out the best of our Blitz concerts, featuring performances from Janelle Monae, J.Cole, Fall Out Boy and more.

And as the cold weather regains a steady hold on the East Coast, Miley Cyrus reminds us that she’s perfectly content with wearing little to no clothing. Cyrus previewed her latest magazine cover and answered any lingering questions from last year’s bleached eyebrow incident, while also getting fans pumped to spend money on Bangerz-branded underwear.

Trying to plan your own PSH retrospective? Still grappling with a nasty wing-induced hangover? Allow our weekly Instagram roundup to get you up to speed on what you may have missed, above.

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