First Dibs: Eminem Ushers In A New Era In The Tanning Of America

Is Adam Driver going from playing a Brooklyn bro on Girls to a Jedi in a “galaxy far, far away?” Did Leah Remini leave Scientology to save her daughter? Is Allison Williams about to be a married woman?

  • Adam Driver is reportedly the first actor to be cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. The Girls leading man is supposedly close to inking a deal, but there’s no word on whether he’ll be playing a hero or a villain. [EW]
  • Leah Remini has revealed that she left Scientology to protect her daughter, Sofia. Remini realized that she was spending more time with the church than her daughter and was worried about subjecting the 9-year-old to Scientology’s infamous audits. [People]
  • Girls star Allison Williams is engaged to College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen. The two have been dating for three years and Williams recently said that she wants to be a mother. [MTV News]