He’s Always Watching: What Shows Are On President Obama’s DVR?

  • House Of Cards

    [Photo Credit: Netflix]

  • Mad Men

    [Photo Credit: AMC]

  • Game Of Thrones

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

  • Breaking Bad

    [Photo Credit: AMC]

  • Homeland

    [Photo Credit: Showtime]

  • True Detective

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

  • Modern Family

    [Photo Credit: ABC]

  • Downton Abbey

    [Photo Credit: PBS]

  • Boardwalk Empire

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

  • The Wire

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

As True Detective wraps up its first season this coming Sunday, fans of the gripping drama are beside themselves with speculation about what will go down in the finale. But there’s at least one devotee of the detective series who already knows the fates of Rust Cohle and Martin Hart — President Barack Obama.

The president recently used his swag to get advance copies of True Detective’s final episodes and the first episodes of Game Of Thrones upcoming season. But that doesn’t always mean he’s ahead of the curve. He also asked House Of Cards fans not to spoil the D.C.-based series’ second season, as he wasn’t able to binge-watch during the weekend that all the episodes debuted. Given that POTUS is such a superfan for all these shows, what other series have space on his DVR?

Hop into our gallery to see the shows that the president ranks among his favorites. And even if national security officials seem to be watching the steady stream of your texts and phone calls, know that Barack probably has his eyes glued to the tube.

[Photo Credit: Showtime/Getty Images/HBO]