Check Out VH1’s 40 Greatest Pranks 4

Between shows like Punk’d (which had its second run in 2012), Jimmy Kimmel Live, and just the internet at large, there is an ever-growing list of pranks. Celebrities pranking their celebrity friends, normal humans pranking their normal human friends — somewhere there is always an amazingly hilarious prank being pulled and documented.

So it was time for us to bring you the 40 Greatest Pranks 4. We sifted through and selected 40 hilarious pranks we couldn’t fit into our first three installments. From Glee star Heather Morris pranking her friend Emma Roberts to Ashton Kutcher pranking Drake, our list counts down the hilarity. Check out our full list and catch the entire show on VH1.

[Photo: MTV]

40. Jimmy Kimmel: The Gift Of Giving: Tricking unsuspecting children, the gift that keeps on giving.

39. MTV Disaster Date: David Blame: There’s no magic between Becca and her blind date Jason.

38. Scare Tactics: Amish: Prank victim Rachel thinks she’s a guest on Truthisodes and is confronted by an alien-human hybrid. Watch here.

[Photo: Hulu]

37. Silvio Santos Program: Skunk Water: A man tosses skunk scented water onto unsuspecting passerby.

[Photo: YouTube]

36. Ghost TV: What’s worst than a nightmare, probably waking up to this silly YouTube prank.

35. Que Locura: Snake Prank: How do you freak out a super model? Have her believe that there is a snake loose in the room that she is in…also, cut out the lights.

34. Freak Encounters: Area 52: Best reaction to finding a human experiment? Standing completely still.

33. Punk’d: Fro Yo No-No: Emma Roberts shows us that if she’s good at doing anything, it’s avoiding work.

32. Punk’d: Liam Hemsworth: Crykie! Maybe it’s time Liam starts locking his car doors!

31. Freak Encounters: Genoskwa: Prank victim Jadideya believes she is under attack by a big foot creature when she is helping a film crew document bobcats.

[Photo: Animal Planet]

30. Bonzai Lady One Question (Simon Cowell): Let’s play the quiet game with celebrities!

29. Pranksters In Love: Shaving Eyebrow: These two pranksters are known for playing tricks on one another but see what happens when one of them goes way too far.

28. MTV Punk’d: Ronnie: Who’s the next best person to be negotiator if Denzel isn’t around? Jersey Shore’s Ronnie!

27. Scare Tactics: Deadly Fog: The weatherman failed to mention this in today’s forecast.

26. Fake Bungee: Maybe it’s a good idea to not trust your friends when they blindfold you.

25. Fonejackers: Bungalow: Bo Bou Bell Bungalows? Time to get a translator!

24. Scare Tactics: Talent Show: Aaron, fighting crime one talent show at a time.

[Photo: Hulu]

23. Nathan for You: Gas Rebate: How far would you go, or better yet, climb for super cheap gas?

22. Prank My Mom: Fake ID: A teen tricks his mother into thinking that he was caught trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID.

[Photo: Hulu]

21. MTV Jersey Shore “A Cheesy Situation”: The cheesiest prank to ever air on cable TV!

20. MTV Punk’d Tyler the Creator: Proof that not everyone should be allowed in the kitchen.

19. Magician Cut in Half Prank: Ah the old man sawed in half gag…but a little bit more twisted.

18. Freak Encounters: Death Worm: Worms are never scary…until you add “death” in front of “worm”.

17. Most Easily Scared Man in the World: Guess what will happen if you tap him on the shoulder.

16. MTV Disaster Date Shore Thing: D.T.F…Down To Forget this ever happened.

15. Funny or Die: Undercover Karaoke with Jewel: What do you do when you aren’t cast as Super Girl? Prank a bar!

14. Shampoo Prank: Meet the guy with the healthiest hair in the world!

13. Prank My Mom: DUI: Random police stops are always annoying…especially when you can’t hula hoop!

12. MTV Punk’d Kelly Osborne: Kelly Osbourne…she’ll just never learn.

11. Zombie Doll: Running away hysterically is the best option when encountering a creepy doll named Penelope.

10. Scare Tactics: Puzzle: The real puzzle here is why Matt fell for this prank.

9. Nathan For You: Goat Rescue: One cute animal saving another, the perfect combination to prank the entire world.

8. Que Locura: Tiger Prank: What’s scarier than a grown man in a tiger costume? Nothing…nothing at all.

7. Scare Tactics: Lend Me a Hand: This doctor brings new meaning to the term “cutting edge technology”.

6. MTV Punk’d Scott Disick: There’s nerd rage and then there’s rich boy rage.

5. Freak Encounters: Giant Rat: It’s safe to assume that giant rats need more than cheese to survive.

4. MTV Punk’d Drake: Drake has his world shaken…literally.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Challenge: What’s scarier than a Halloween story? Thinking your candy was eaten!

2. Silvio Santos: Ghost Girl: After this, you’ll think twice about going into an elevator alone.

1. Scare Tactics: Barnacle Boy: The only thing worse than a haunted house…a haunted boat!