Is Jennifer Lawrence The Most Hated Woman In Hollywood?

Is Jennifer Lawrence suffering the fate of Anne Hathaway now that the awards season is over? Quite possibly. The actress is taking steps to not turn into the next Hathaway. She’s avoiding red carpets and simplifying her look and demeanor.

But clearly she still has her devotees… Fans are disgruntled after the 2014 MTV Movie Awards failed to nominate Katniss Everdeen for “Best Hero.” Of course, that’s what online petitions are for.

In other J-Law news, her BFF Laura Simpson is garnering some attention for her hilarious firsthand account of attending the Academy Awards. She also reportedly dated Lawrence’s American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper. Coop and Simpson went on a couple of dates but she dumped because of a foot fetish.

Meanwhile, does Katy Perry already have a new man in her life?

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