What’s Demi Moore’s Warning To Mila Kunis?

Now that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged, Demi Moore has a warning for the new bride: Kutcher is a cheater and will always be one. Ouch, that’s some harsh truth about her ex-husband. The conversation reportedly went down via a secret phone call placed to Kunis. But honestly, why all the secrets when it’s just going to be splashed over headlines anyway?

When it comes to the Gosselin clan, the drama is never over. Five years after Jon and Kate’s divorce, the two are still at odds. Now, Jon is airing all his (and her) dirty laundry in a new tell-all book. The Couples Therapy star even calls into The Gossip Table to preview the book as well as what’s up with Kate and her bodyguard.

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