Rihanna + Drake Are Officially Dating!

Pop the corks, pour the champagne because Rihanna and Drake are officially dating. The couple, which has made sweet music on record, are finally making sweet music in the bedroom. The two have been spotted getting smitten together all over Europe and insiders say that Drake’s “in the best mood he’s been in a long time.”

But more importantly, what’s the couple’s name? Rake?!

Last week at South By Southwest, Lady Gaga shocked (and awed) fans when one of the singer’s dancers vomited in her mouth on stage. The moment came as a surprise to fans who were not expecting such a visibly graphic performance. It turned out to be an expression of high art. Apparently, Gaga is still trying to make Artpop a thing.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan was reportedly a train wreck on the set of 2 Broke Girls. The actress delayed and extended the shoot.  At least one of the actresses came to her defense. But when will people learn to just cut her loose?

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[Photo: Getty]