Who Will Raise Paul Walker’s 15-Year-Old Daughter?

Paul Walker’s untimely death sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Not only was the actor well-liked and admired by those he worked with, but he was also in the middle of filming the latest installment of Fast and Furious and his daughter is without a father. Fast and Furious 7 halted filming until the studio figured out how what to do with Walker’s role in the film. Now that the script has been rewritten, the film will resume shooting later this month. The studio has hired actors with Walker’s likeness and plans to CGI his face into the movie.

Meanwhile, Walker’s mother has filed for full guardianship of his daughter Meadow. His mother is claiming that Meadow’s mother is an alcoholic. Meadow is the sole beneficiary of Walker’s multi-million dollar estate.

Kate Gosselin is headed back to TV. Now that her eight are growing up, she has more time to focus on herself, which includes transforming herself into an A-List celebrity. She’ll next be seen on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

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