Friends Worried That Zac Efron Is Off The Wagon

Following news that Zac Efron was attacked in a seedy side of Los Angeles, friends and fans are worried that the actor is spiraling out of control. Last year, the actor surprised many when he went to rehab but he appeared to be fresh and clean following the stint. Now it doesn’t seem like things are so peachy keen.

In other news, Jennifer Aniston may have a reason to get jealous of fiancé Justin Theroux. The actor was the subject of another woman’s grabby hands when she made a B line for his ass. (Let’s be honest, she was doing it for all of us.)

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter is practically unrecognizable. Alexa Ray Joel debuted a new look at her first performance at the Cafe Carlyle. The new look has sparked plastic surgery rumors but it’s quite a transformation.

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