An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse: Guess The Celebrity Godparents!

Hollywood embraces famous families, but it’s not always mom and dad who helped our favorite faces grow up to be the headline-grabbing stars they are today. A godparent is the special kind of family member who doesn’t have to be blood, and can be counted on to get you a present on your birthday. Or provide guidance and protection as you grow up. (Same thing, right?) Handpicked by your parents, they’re an indication of who your mom and dad once considered close enough to be family, and who you can always complain to when they won’t budge on your curfew.

For celebrities and celebrity babies with well-connected parents, it’s no surprise their godparents are equally as fabulous. Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore are basically Hollywood royalty, and their industry parents each appointed a certain iconic filmmaker as their respective godfather. And with a certain famous actress as his godmother, Jake Gyllenhaal’s industry mom, dad, and sister Maggie weren’t the only ones influencing his career choices at a young age. So when it comes to surprising celebrity godparents, how well do you know those of your favorite celebrities? Take our quiz below.

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1. Who is the fairy godmother to the princess of tongue, Ms. Miley Cyrus?
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