Gwyneth Paltrow + Chris Martin To Make Millions Off Their Conscious Uncoupling

Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin about to cash in? Even though the two recently split, they stand to make millions off their divorce. With the release of Coldplay’s new album, the news of their separation seems awfully serendipitous — garnering a bunch of extra attention for each of them.

Speaking of extra attention, apparently Kirstie Alley doesn’t want you giving any of it to one part of her body: Her legs. In her new ad for Jenny Craig, the actress made sure they were nowhere to be seen.

While Chris and Gwyneth seem to be rolling in it, Casper Smart is far from it. Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend is strapped for cash as he tries to wrap his new movie. The production has run into some serious money problems.

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[Photo: Getty]