Which Of These Sexy Catsuits Are Good In A Fight And Which Are Way Too Tight?

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From Katniss to Catwoman (all three of them), we’ve seen our favorite Hollywood actresses suit up in skin-tight costumes affectionately known as “catsuits.” Yes, they are all incredibly sexy, but are any of these catsuits legitimately super suits? As in, how useful are any of these tight outfits when these characters are in a tight spot?

We might have fun ogling Chris Evans’ butt when he’s suited up as Captain America or melting over Chris Hemsworth’s crazy arms when he’s geared up as Thor, but when it comes to fight scenes, both guys are always dressed to defeat their foes. But what about Scarlett Johansson? Is Black Widow’s hip-hugging outfit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier there to help her kick the bad guys’ butts, or is it only designed so guys in audience can stare at her butt? Is there a realistic reason why Olivia Wilde is wearing a constricting catsuit outfitted with neon lights in Tron: Legacy? And is Anne Hathway’s Catwoman costume actually one of the most practical costumes in superhero history?

Look, we love to celebrate the human form, but some of these sexy catsuits would actually hurt a heroine in a fight. (Can you say chafing?) So, we’re ranking 15 of the sexiest onscreen catsuits to see which ones are good in a fight and which ones are just way too tight.