Very VH1: Chat LIVE With Game Of Thrones Star Pedro Pascal

Gear up, Game of Thrones fans! Pedro Pascal, aka Oberyn Martell, is joining us on Monday, April 21 at 2:00 PM EST to chat all things Dornish and to answer all your burning questions about life in Westeros.

We make no secret here at VH1 about how absolutely obsessed we are with Game of Thrones, so we’re thrilled to get a chance to chat with the show’s sexy new star, Pedro Pascal. The Chilean actor is a new edition to the fantasy drama this season. He plays the charming and dangerous Dornish prince, Oberyn Martell, who is bent on getting vengeance for his sister Elia’s rape and murder.

We’re going to ask Pedro for all of the inside scoop on the HBO series and you’ll get a chance to ask YOUR questions. If you’ve never participated in a Spreecast before, don’t be scared! It’s not nearly as daunting as scaling the Wall or surviving a night in a sky cell. Just visit this page on Monday, April 21 at 2:00 PM EST. If you want to chat with other Game of Thrones fans or ask Pedro a question, all you have to do is click on those talk balloons and sign in.