VH1 Vintage: Before Andrew And Emma, Kirsten Dunst And Tobey Maguire Kissed In The Rain

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens tomorrow, reuniting moviegoers with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, super-powered arachnids and a version of New York City that heavily relies on the work of selfless vigilantes. The real life couple’s chemistry is off the charts, leading the film to get praise for its romance and comedy moreso than simply a shiny new take on the classic comic. With so much history in the roles, and previous film adaptations that dominated the box office, each actor has big shoes to fill. Yes, I’m specifically talking about the cheery, p-ssy posse-approved kicks of Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire!

With three movies, one iconic make-out session and an MTV Movie Award shared between them, Tobey and Kirsten were the greatest love we had to cling to in the mid-aughts. (Until we watched The Notebook.) Sure, they never dated in real life, and yes, Tobey was probably not your first choice for a cinematic superhero — Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, he can do — but as far as high-flying romances that made us want to believe, they were the top. Take a few steps back in time to the premiere of Spider-Man 3, when Kirsten just wants to heal the world with her chill vibes and Tobey wants to dodge any superhero questions that require him to think for too long. By the third film of an international franchise, we’d be tired, too.

Enjoy, America. Don’t you miss 2007?

[Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures]