Guess The Chest: The Neighbors Cast Tests Their Knowledge Of The Male Form

In addition to rowdy parties and spot-on Robert DeNiro impressions, Neighbors is a film that does wondrous things for the world of bare chests. Stars Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Dave Franco all go shirtless, making this an important movie for anyone who keeps meticulous record of male toplessness on film.

Considering the subject matter, we thought it important to test these guys on their knowledge of famous pecs from the big screen. Sure, Dirty Dancing was about the love between Baby and Johnny, but it’s hard not to watch that and come away thinking Patrick Swayze’s chest deserved an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

VH1’s Ellie Lee put the Neighbors cast on the spot with a handful of memorable on-screen chests to see if they’ve been paying attention to what’s really important. Some are sculpted; others are concave. And one comes with a very important catchphrase (“Kelly Clarkson!”). So which Neighbors star is the most knowledgeable about the human form? Check out our lively game of Guess The Chest, by watching the video above.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]