VH1 Vintage: Get Lost In Zac Efron’s Teenage Man Bangs

In Neighbors, Zac Efron plays an often shirtless fraternity president who lives and dies by the bro code. But there once was a time when he was an innocent teen who couldn’t help but sing and dance.

During the late aughts, the High School Musical franchise and Hairspray made Efron the go-to triple threat of his generation. Despite his talent and abundant charm, his glorious hair was all we could really think about. You try staring at those luscious locks and not suddenly imagining butterflies, rainbows and a world that’s tolerant and good! While Zac has had more than a few styles since his Hairspray days – as well as a few regrettable ones before, including a failed attempt at recreating Sisqo’s signature look — we need to revisit his famous swoop ASAP.

So buckle up, and join us as we go back in time to the pre-Bieber era in which his Zac’s man bangs ruled all. Forget the scandals and forget the films that flopped. In life, a great head of hair makes everything easier. And Zac should know this most of all. 

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]