Throwback Photos of Kylie Jenner Before Her Face Changed

A #TBT that will blow your mind.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling has revamped her look over the last few years. Check out her transformation and decide whether it’s makeup, fillers, or a little bit of both.

  • 1 2003
    Getty Images
    In 2003, little Kylie was just 7 years old. If her famous family allowed her to get lip injections that young, they’re a lot crazier than we thought.

  • 2 2003
    Getty Images
    Get a good, close look.

  • 3 2006
    Getty Images
    Here she is at 9 years old, still innocent.

  • 4 2008
    Getty Images
    In 2008, Kylie was 11, which means she was way too busy worrying about boys and training bras to even consider contouring.

  • 5 2009
    Getty Images
    It’s 2009 and those lips are still lookin’ mighty thin.

  • 6 2010
    Getty Images
    By 2010 someone had gotten hold of the lip liner.

  • 7 2011
    Getty Images
    When Kylie was 14, she started rocking bright lip colors.

  • 8 2012
    Getty Images
    In 2012, the teen said “fuck it” and went au naturel.

  • 9 2013
    Flash forward to December 2013 and something is looking a bit plump. This is also the year she became best friends with her blush brush.

  • 10 2014
    Getty Images
    In February 2014, we noticed the lips were filled out a bit, but that’s nothing to be alarmed over. For a Valentine’s Day kiss, perhaps?

  • 11 2014
    Getty Images
    Then May, 2014 came along and HOLY LIPS, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?!

  • 12 2014
    Getty Images
    We can’t look away.

  • 13
    What is even happening here. [/item

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