Is Kim Kardashian Retiring From Public Life?

Now that Kim Kardashian has made her way to the top, is she already set to retire? It was a long journey from sex tape to the A-list and no one can blame a girl for being tired. Now that she’s married to Kanye West, she wants her to take a step back from the public life and focus on her family.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are planning to take over the Hamptons but it seems the two are not welcome in the neighborhood. Residents are not too happy about the idea of the reality show filming in their plush getaway. In addition to upsetting would-be neighbors, the show has already lied to the mayor about opening up a pop-up Dash store. Production specifically told city officials they would not be opening a store and within 12 hours of the deal they announced a new location for their clothing line.

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[Photo: Getty]