Our Favorite Movies Of 2014 So Far…

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It’s hard to believe it—but yes—the year is halfway over. It’s been a busy six months that have served up amazing moments in pop culture from that elevator fight to the most shocking death on TV. But today, we’re focused on the best of the big screen.

This year has been an interesting one for movies following a spectacular 2013. The beginning of the year kicked off in a big way with several major box office wins. The Lego Movie surprised many with its pop culture reference-filled animated delight while Captain America sequel proved that Chris Evans is the top Avenger. The Rover forced us to rethink everything we thought about Robert Pattinson and Chef never made us more hungry for that “upgrade to a large popcorn for 50 cents more.”

2014 also meant the return of several fan favorites. Wes Anderson delighted with The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of his best movies of his career and the X-Men series finally merged the old cast with the new one in X-Men: Days of Future Past. (And finally gave fans a full, unfiltered view of Hugh Jackman’s ass.)

The VH1 staff put their heads together to pick their favorite—note, not the best—films of the year. Even we like some of those guilty pleasures and aren’t ashamed of it. Click through the gallery above for the movies we couldn’t get enough of this year. (So far…)