10 Ways Anchorman‘s Channel 4 News Team Taught Us to Stay Classy

By Christopher Rosa 

Congratulations, world: You’ve stayed classy for a decade. And you know what you have to thank? A little movie called Anchorman. 

The Will Ferrell classic turns 10 today (feel old yet?). Sophistication is rampant in this comedy, from the cologne collection of Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) to the fact that Ron Burgundy (Ferrell) signs off his nightly newscast with the reminder to keep it together (well, except when he did this).

We’ve compiled 10 lessons Anchorman taught us in class and charm. Thanks for giving us the facts of life, guys.

10. Brick taught us there are high-class ways to throw shade.











9. Keep profanity in the trash where it belongs. Ron Burgundy will teach you better. 












8. That feeling of glee is best expressed through a high-jump with your best pals.

7. When things get crazy at work, drinking a brewski is acceptable. 










6. Being respectful is essential in scoring a date with your crush. 









5. When upset in public, remain cool as  a cucumber. 










4. Truly confident people are subtle in social situations. 

3. Classy people know when to cut the carbs. 









2. The proper fragrance is key to being a fancy individual.











1. Take up an instrument (like jazz flute) and dazzle friends with your musical prowess. 










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