Fighting Words! 10 Super-Shady Superstar Disses

  • Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora

Being the target of a diss is never a cute moment (especially if, deep down, you know it’s deserved). But when a celebrity throws shade at another celebrity, it’s usually done in public — i.e., in a magazine, on Twitter, buried in a bitchy Instagram comment. It’s out there for the world to see, and it’s humiliating. Just ask poor Madonna, who Elton John has come for too many times to count (first, he said she should be “shot” for her lip-synching; then he declared that her “career is over”). Or how about Kanye West, who changed his “Stronger” lyrics to reflect his obvs kaput relationship with bisexual hottie Amber Rose: “I did anything for a blonde d*ke/and she did anything for the limelight.” Ouch. And it just gets worse. Here, check out the 10 most cutting insults hurled from one celeb to another.

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