Is THE IMITATION GAME Benedict Cumberbatch’s Chance at an Oscar?
This fall, the incredible story of British mathematician Alan Turing will hit the silver screen in Morten Tyldum’s THE IMITATION GAME. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, the film tells the story of Turning, a cryptologist who created a machine that cracked the German Enigma Code and thus helped the Allies win World War II. Leading a team of devoted brilliant minds, Turning saved thousands of lives by discovering the algorithm that broke the Nazi’s code. Soon after the war, he was prosecuted by the U.K. government for homosexual acts, which the country deemed illegal at the time. This heart-wrenching story of self-exploration and courage will have you rooting for Turning, and cheering Cumberbatch on come award season. Anything to get him back on the Oscar red carpet, right?

THE IMITATION GAME will hit theaters November 21. Check it out above.

[Photo Credit: Getty images]